2022 Tremolo_forte artists recap: Vladimir Todorović and David Yengibarian

Though they know each other from some time ago, the 2022 encounters within the Tremolo_forte project co-creation activities brought to light some really magnificent ideas and works-of-art! Both artists boil and bubble from ideas, both are fired up and have that nice mentality to bring out an explosion of emotions from just two instruments: Vladimir plays a nice Balkan-influenced mésalliance of rhythms and solos, while the Yerevan-born and Budapest-residenced David has a full arsenal of knowledge and skills to pair with his duo companion. The work-in-progress concert and workshop in Subotica by the end of May was just a start, while the Lille concert a week later was the opening of a beautiful music experience for all who witnessed their live performance. It is to expect to see further developments in the co-work of these two gentlemen.