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Tremolo_forte is a cultural project implemented under the umbrella of the EU funded Creative Europe Programme. The fundamental aim of the project is to contribute to the emergence of a new European identity through music – a universal language that bridges all kinds of barriers, works on the preservation of unique aspects of the European world music and emphasizes the involved partner organizations’ common values. The project is created and conducted by cultural operators from the border regions of Italy, France, Serbia, Belgium and Hungary.


Main activities of the project are tailored around the so called “Transnational creation and circulation of artists and their artistic works” through a mixture of capacity building actions, co-creation and co-production experiences, and work opportunities in terms of concert/touring engagements across Europe. Functioning as an innovative liquid infrastructure, the project partner network helps artists and cultural operators to travel at a European level, to exchange and share experience and opportunities, to learn, develop and put into practice innovative strategies for transnational mobility.

Project partners

Project partners

The partner network includes the following cultural operators, festivals and venues:
AME / Italy

Associazione Musicale Etnea (AME) founded in Catania in 1973, is a non-profit music organization with a long standing and renowned tradition of organizing high quality concert seasons and festivals in their surroundings. Regularly supported by the Italian Ministry of Culture and by the Sicilian Regional Government, AME has organized over 1500 concerts so far. AME’s artistic curricula is built up on high quality classical, contemporary and world music, and they regularly serve it to its ever growing audience, including young people and disadvantaged groups. Vast range of AME’s activities include music education and training sessions, residences, concerts and workshops in schools, hospitals, jails, migrant and rural communities.


Their main event is the Marranzano World Fest, annually organized in Catania.




Via Lactea / Belgium

Via Lactea vzw is a non-commercial and transborder management and booking agency for artists who are active in the field of alternative world music. Since 2000, Via Lactea represented different interesting world music artists such as Amparanoia, Orkesta Mendoza, La Kinky Beat, Ojos de Brujo, Dusminguet, La Troba Kung-Fu, Les Boukakes… among many others. For some artists such as Orchestre International du Vetex or more recently Rumbaristas, Via Lactea also does management. Via Lactea is a partner in many different European cultural and transborder exchange projects, mostly within the Creative Europe or Interreg programmes. Some years ago, VIa Lactea was the lead beneficiary of the “2020 Troubadours” project (www.2020troubadours.eu), now an important partner in the Tremolo_forte.


Most of their activities are nested within the independent cultural center they are running back home in Tournai, the gorgeous La Petite Fabriek.




Flonflons / France

The Flonflons association is a cultural operator with its headquarters in Lille. They are known for their experience in organizing high-quality cultural and popular events.


Wazemmes l’Accordéon festival is certainly their panache. Dedicated to the accordion in all its forms, the festival is recognized throughout France, where it enjoys major reputation and sympathy of artists and the media, not to mention hundreds of thousand people who trod their parquet floor in the 25 years festival history.




Wemsical / Serbia

Wemsical Serbia Youth and Cultural Association was founded in 2014 and is based in Kanjiža (north of Serbia). What’s their mission (?): making a long-standing, all-encompassing artistic background that encourages alternative forms of expression, tolerance, cultivation of existing traditions and the creation of new ones, mostly through their panache event – the marvelous Malomfesztivál. In a nutshell, the community gathered around Wemsical wishes to re-create – re-invent the cultural and social communication processes that would change the focus from “me” to “us”, fostering togetherness of living in the surrounding of Orom village windmill, which hosts various exhibitions, workshops and screenings during the festival season.

This project partner was co-financed by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia and the Provincial Secretariat for Finance of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina – Republic of Serbia.




EJE / Hungary

Európa Jövője Egyesület (“The Future of Europe” Association) was established back in 1990, with the objective to organize a pan-European children’s meeting in the Hungarian city of Kecskemét. Their main mission was to promote and nourish the universal and Hungarian cultural heritage, to collect and preserve cultural assets. Through their publications and events they intend to foster today’s children to become a tolerant generation free from all prejudices. Bearing these objectives of high priority in their mind, The Future of Europe’s International Children & Youth event a.k.a. Csiperó festival is a biannual event, alternated with international cultural youth exchanges regularly.




Our Artists

They come from different cultural backgrounds and bring different aesthetics to the stages. They interact, and learn from each other. Artistically, they grow together.