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27 DECEMBER 2023

Tremolo_forte project closing conference:
– presentation of project achievements,
– word-or-two about the transnational mobility of artists under the umbrella of the Creative Europe programme,
– meet the artists involved,
– future cooperation possibilities.

The conference link!
Wednesday, 27 December 18:00–19:00 CET
Google Meet Access: https://meet.google.com/ryq-xspd-xny
Please note, only first 100 attendees can enter the conference, make sure to be there on time, and even if you would like to secure 100% your place, send us an email with this request: tremoloproject@gmail.com


About the project

artists touring, co-creations, capacity building and more

Tremolo_forte is a cultural project implemented under the umbrella of the EU funded Creative Europe Programme. The fundamental aim of the project is to contribute to the emergence of a new European identity through music – a universal language that bridges all kinds of barriers, works on the preservation of unique aspects of the European world music and emphasizes the involved partner organizations’ common values. The project is created and conducted by cultural operators from the border regions of Italy, France, Serbia, Belgium and Hungary.


Main activities of the project are tailored around the so called “Transnational creation and circulation of artists and their artistic works” through a mixture of capacity building actions, co-creation and co-production experiences, and work opportunities in terms of concert/touring engagements across Europe. Functioning as an innovative liquid infrastructure, the project partner network helps artists and cultural operators to travel at a European level, to exchange and share experience and opportunities, to learn, develop and put into practice innovative strategies for transnational mobility.
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Latest News

  • Time to say goodbye after two years, but also to keep our fingers crossed for the next application phase, where we would like to invite new project partners, as well. For new and extended experienced.

  • Previously scheduled for October, the final artists gathering has been moved to December and staged in a border-region town of Subotica, Serbia. As the visitors to previous Malomfesztivál and Etnofest

  • There is nice balance in our artists’ roster. Not just in gender, minorities presented or territories covered, but also in the largeness or rather smallness of bands presented. On one hand, we have th