Project closed! Final results announced…

Time to say goodbye after two years, but also to keep our fingers crossed for the next application phase, where we would like to invite new project partners, as well. For new and extended experienced.
On December 27th we have organized our last event, the project closing (online) conference. With a variable attendance during the 1 hour conference, fluctuating between 40 and 50 in average, we presented the project achievements, shared a word-or-two about the transnational mobility of artists under the umbrella of the Creative Europe programme, introduced artists’ videos and project aftermovies, met some of the artists involved, talked about the future cooperation possibilities.

Check our project results here:
We have supported 26 different artists and bands,
for a total of 99 individual musicians involved,
28 days of artists residencies
We have organized 19 concerts featuring 42 performances, which number goes out to the festivals and events organized by the project partners.
Also, 19 concerts featuring 27 performances in touring outside the project partners network.

Adding up the above numbers, this leads us to 69 individual artists/band performances for a total of 376 person/days conducted in 23 different venues in more than 5 European countries.

Thank you, and Happy New Year!