Tremolo_forte project: the final artists gathering!

Previously scheduled for October, the final artists gathering has been moved to December and staged in a border-region town of Subotica, Serbia. As the visitors to previous Malomfesztivál and Etnofest festivals could experience, this region is considered as a melting pot of cultures, a true crossroad for centuries, even a challenging region in political, social and cultural aspects even today. The Hungary – Serbia border region has given us some great world music artists along the decades, and we are glad that we could involve some emerging names to our roster and give them a chance to present their artistic creations.

As for the final event, the program was composed of two part: in first, experience met the upcoming powers of young artists. Claude Vadász, the director of Flonflons and a singer-songwriter artist himself, came up with an idea to create a short program about migrations and his personal / family experiences with it. His French songs were translated to Hungarian and sung, spoken and interpreted by Anna Szlávics, a Budapest based singer-songwriter. The couple was joint on the stage by Luca Recupero from Catania performing on a Jewish harp, and two percussionists from Subotica, Larisa Ivanković and Lehel Nyers. The so called “Határ vadász” (eng. Border Hunter) was accepted really nice by the audience, and we can say with satisfaction that this marked the final co-working or collaboration of artists for the two yearlong project.

The second part of the evening was dedicated to a local band, somewhat local heroes on the alternative wolrd music scene – Todorrica. We had a chance to meet the leader of this band Vladimir Todorović, by the beginning of Tremolo_forte project, when he collaborated with the Hungarian-Armenian accordionist David Yengibarian, but later he got the opportunity to perform at multiple locations with his band. Good to know that even in distant European regions, on the periphery, there is creativity and creation, there in inspiration and unbridled desire to share and connect through music. For the evening closure, the experienced DJ Gustav Jr. took over the party, spinning some great LP’s all the way until midnight. Thank you for all the involved artists, thank you Creative Europe for the opportunity to meet and share, to experience and develop further!