Our 2023 focus: small music formations

There is nice balance in our artists’ roster. Not just in gender, minorities presented or territories covered, but also in the largeness or rather smallness of bands presented. On one hand, we have the 10 or 15+ ensembles that were involved from the beginning of our collaboration process (Jacaranda, VETEX), but on the other, our panel of artistic coordinators decided to focus on smaller music formations in 2023. If you compare, similar number of individual artists is being presented in either case, but it seems that a more versatile music, more differences and approaches might come to the surface. And we consider that as an added value to our project.

From solo performances or guest appearances with large bands, to duos, trios or quartets – this is the major focus of the Tremolo_forte project in 2023.

Let’s name some: Casentuli, Krokodill, Mircanti, Perija, Spartenza, Tangram, Todorrica, Zoord, Gaia Mobilij and more.