Meet our 3 major festivals in Italy, France and Serbia!

Let’s name it first(!): Wazemmes l’Accordéon festival in Lille (FR), Marranzano World Fest in Catania (IT) and the Malomfesztivál in Orom (RS). Tennis has its grand slams, we have our major festivals. The heartbeats of our collaboration project.
Connecting three different corners of Europe, at the same time gathering a community of a versatile audiences, our festivals created a network of creative individuals, bands and associations. A marvellous platform to spread-out the information about our Tremolo_forte project and its’ ideas. These three festivals have staged numerous Tremolo concerts both in 2022 and the ongoing 2023, and play a major role in the wide exposure of artists towards tens-of-thousands of people Europe-wide. Although all three of the mentioned festivals are opened for world music, it is worth of checking them out for other programs as well. So here is the list, some rough dates and the links of course:

Wazemmes l’Accordéon festival, Lille (France)

Marranzano World Fest, Catania (Italy)

Malomfesztivál, Orom (Serbia)